Analysis of Adherence to AllOral HCV Therapy in a Cohort of People who Inject Drugs (PWID)

The majority of prevalent and incident cases of HCV infection in Canada occur among people who inject drugs (PWID). The benefits of more effective and better tolerated all-oral regimens will only be achieved with proper strategies to ensure adherence in this population. We hypothesize that the provision of treatment within a multidisciplinary centre attending to all health care needs will maximize the likelihood of achieving this goal. Within a cohort of 87 patients receiving all oral HCV therapy over a median of 12 weeks, 1135/1150 (98.7%) scheduled weekly appointments were attended, with pill counts reflecting over 90% adherence to therapy. In this model of care, adherence to HCV therapy among PWID met or exceeded the standard established in clinical trials. These data directly address one of the major concerns about increasing availability of HCV treatment among PWID and lend further support to the expansion of such programs in clinical practice.


Rajvir Shahi, Ghazaleh Kiani, Arshia Alimohammadi, Tyler Raycraft, Arpreet Singh and Brian Conway

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